Find your INFJ life's purpose today!!

It's hard as an INFJ to figure out that one thing that you're SUPPOSED to do with your life. I've been there. Most INFJs have. It's really hard to go it alone and figure everything out. I know, because I struggled for years to do it by myself. 

Once I found my purpose though, everything changed! I want to help you find your purpose in life too! That's why I've compiled everything I used and everything I wish I had know back then into this digital workbook. 

Find your life's purpose in just a few simple steps!
Get answers to your biggest questions answered!
Get Unstuck
Get the answers to your most burning questions
Find Clarity
Get crystal clear on the things that are meaningful in your life and that bring you a sense of purpose
Make It Happen
Get a clear plan to take action on your purpose now!
Identify what's most important in your life and non-negotiable
Look at what you can't live with and what is not acceptable
Walk away with a crystal clear definition of what brings you meaning and purpose in your life
"This is a fantastic resource! I appreciated the straight forward, simplistic and easy to understand approach. It definitely gave me a lot to think about, and it’ll be useful to refer back to whenever I feel like I’m stuck again."
- Clarissa K.
The Complete Guide to Finding Your Purpose


Just imagine if you could...

  • Quickly get clarity on your life's purpose without struggling to figure out if you're right or wrong.
  • Actually feel excited and happy (instead of overwhelmed) about the thought of finally starting to put your purpose to work in your life because you now have the tools you need to succeed.
  • Have a concrete plan of action for what steps to take in what order, and for taking total control of your limited time.
  • ​Feel completely confident about your goals and values and know what steps you need to take to get there.
  • ​Get clear direction for the most common INFJ issues, including not knowing where to start, doubting yourself, and what to focus on.

About the Author

Sarah Kuhn is the writer behind the INFJ Woman brand and the host of The Quiet Ones podcast. Every week Sarah encourages thousands of INFJs to find more purpose in their lives and live their most authentic lives as the rarest MBTI personality type. 

Sarah grew up in the Midwestern part of the United States, but moved to the South to finish her education at the University of North Carolina. Her love of learning drove her well past the typical 4 year college degree. She spent 10 years in college, studying Business, Marketing, Criminal Justice and Mechanical Engineering. 

After college Sarah pursued her dream of working with professional athletes. She spent 3 years working as a marketing and public relations manager for an agency that managed NASCAR race car drivers along with other professional athletes. Outside of that position she has used her knowledge of business and marketing working in digital marketing in a variety of industries including technology, nonprofit, entertainment and hospitality. 

While in college she learned about the MBTI personality assessment which started another research and learning journey for her. Sarah’s infatuation with studying personality types grew for more than 8 years and eventually turned into an obsession when she discovered her type was INFJ. She used her knowledge of personality types and her desire to help other INFJs when she started her blog in 2019 called INFJ Woman. To date her blog has over 300,000 views and a following on social media of over 60,000. 

In August 2019, she launched her podcast about INFJs called The Quiet Ones. It currently has over 40 episodes out and 40,000 downloads. She’s interviewed influential INFJs like psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg, who has done ground breaking research on the effects of narcissism and self-love deficiency.

When she’s not writing or recording her podcast, you can find Sarah at home in Boston, exploring the beaches along the Atlantic coast, or spending time with her friends. 

Sarah set out with one goal in writing her blog: to help even just one INFJ feel seen and heard and understood. She is dedicated to this path of acceptance, healing and growth in being healthy INFJ women.
Copyright 2020 Sarah Kuhn, INFJ Woman
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