What if one book could change your life?
Whether you've just found out you're an INFJ or you've known for a while, diving into your personality traits will have a profound impact on your life. It will change everything!



Get "The INFJ User Guide" today!

Get "The INFJ User Guide" today!

Order a digital copy of my book now for just $14.97 
and you'll: 
  • Discover what makes you tick and what is the normal operating procedure for INFJs.
  • ​Identify the biggest motivators for your personality, then translate those into a practical action plan giving you the steps you need to move forward in your purpose.
  • ​Clear the confusion and create an organized system for you to follow to figure out what is going on with your emotions and your habits.
  • ​Dive deep into what you like and what you want in an easy-to-follow plan that actually makes learning about your personality FUN!
  • ​Discover what you don't like and why it's ok for you to not be extroverted and social all the time.
  • Discover what makes you tick and what is the normal operating procedure for INFJs.

Who are you?

You are not broken. You are not a mistake or an extra. You are different from most of the people you know, but that doesn’t make you wrong. You were made this way on purpose.
If this is you, you’re not alone!
But the answer isn’t to change yourself to please others. It’s to be more of yourself. It’s to learn about yourself and embrace the things that make you different. Learn about who you are and step into that version of you with full confidence. 

This is when you are your most authentic INFJ self. This is when you can live that life of meaning and purpose that you desire. It starts with learning about who you are. 

That’s why I wrote my book, The INFJ User Guide, to help you learn about yourself and embrace your personality just the way you are.

What People Are Saying

"If you're an INFJ, chances are that most of the people you know aren't like you. This is one of the many reasons why The INFJ User Guide will feel like "coming home" when you read it. 

 "I found myself talking aloud, nodding my head, and laughing as Sarah explained the INFJ experience. I also found the chapter on Functions invaluable. It goes much deeper than a lot of the other literature available and will allow you to understand yourself so much better. 

 "I (obviously) don't have many INFJ friends. But for those who are, I highly recommend this book!" 
- Bryn Bonino
"This book is AMAZING! I only wish I had such a great resource when I was younger!" 
- AJ
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